A new update is now live for the Closed Beta with the following changes:

- Added additional UI scaling factors (1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.5) (feedback: ThinkSometimes)
- Damage indicators will now spawn above enemy health bars (feedback: ThinkSometimes)
- Enemy health bars are no longer partially transparent
- Health bars for resource nodes are now always visible (making it more obvious which tiles are nodes and which aren't)
- Health bars for resource nodes are now blue (making it easier to distinguish between enemies and nodes)
- Potentially fixed an issue that was causing players outside of GMT to not be able to speak
- Passive mana regen is now +5/s (up from +2/s)
- Passive HP regen is now +3/s (up from +1/s)
- Passive mana & HP regen is no longer dependent on whether or not you are being targeted by an enemy
- Fixed a crash when attempt to talk to NPCs who had no dialogue (feedback: Survivor, Frankie)
- Fixed a crash that occurred if the npc dialogue window opened before content had finished loading
- Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to login with an empty username or password

- Player model mannequins are now semi-transparent
- Shield and Leg Armour tooltips will now correctly show the item type and the armour value they provide

- You can no longer add more of an item than you actually have in your inventory to the crafting bench
- You can now only add reagents to the crafting bench (if you lost your horse to this bug I'm real sorry!)
- Item images that haven't previously been loaded are now loaded correctly when appearing for the first time as a crafting result
- Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when adding items from your inventory to the crafting bench

- Re-added the Level 3 Bear enemy
- Made night 20% less dark
- Wolves now have an 85% chance of dropping a Pelt (up from 30%)
- Scroll of Healing is now a 100% craft chance with 1x Scroll of Intellect, 10x Mana Crystal
- Fixed a graveyard teleport that was in an out of bounds area (feedback: Rozo)

- You can get infinite items from NPCs. Feel free to abuse this bug for now. Gold isn't too useful and the Healing spell is better than food. It'll be patched soon but is low priority right now!