A new version of the BrawlQuest Closed Beta is now live, with the following changes.


- Fixed an issue that caused the Horse mount to now display an image in inventory
- Fixed an issue that caused the second line of items in an inventory category to display too far to the right to be clickable
- Fixed chat scrolling
- Armour drawing now goes Legs -> Chest -> Head, allowing Robes to display properly
- Added an "Online Players" display
- Your Hotbar will no longer clear when updating the game
- You can now only use 1 item per second
- You can only be affected by 1 LUCK spell aura at a time (highest value is used)
- Added your total defense value to the UI next to your ATK


- Revamped the crafting UI
- Inventory now automatically opens when crafting


- The Wilderness has now been opened
- The Level Cap has been raised to 8
- PVP has been enabled in The Wilderness
- New armour tier: Iron
- New weapon: Longsword
- New weapon: Battleaxe
- New weapon: Pickaxe
- New crafting recipes for Iron armour, Longsword & Pickaxe
- Items with "Pickaxe" in their title will now harvest resources at the rate of their value (rather than 1)
- Added a walkway between Carus' camp and the rest of Westlum to avoid being trapped by Corrupt Horses
- All Anvils can now be used for crafting (previously only the one in Squall's End worked)


- Players will now leave the world after 10 seconds of inactivity (down from 120 seconds)
- Fixed a crash when 2 or more AOE spells ended their effects at the same time
- Added an "All Crafts" endpoint for getting a list of every craft possible
- Player position now saves correctly (no more teleporting back to Squall's End after each update)