A new update to the BrawlQuest Closed Beta is now live!


  • Reworked Luck. Where before it increased your chance of getting rare drops it now gives you a chance of earning 2x a piece of loot
  • Enemy aggro and death sound effects now take SFX volume into account


  • Fixed hotbar clearing items when tapped twice in rapid succession
  • Lines will now display correctly between enemies and the players they are targetting
  • Chat text entry now deletes properly when the backspace key is held
  • Players now spurt blood when hit
  • Added a Health and Mana bar beneath players so you can easily tell how you and other players are doing at a glance
  • Added a character level indicator next to usernames
  • Added a vsync setting for high refresh rate displays



  • Fixed an issue that was causing Pickaxes to take STR into account when calculating damage
  • Fixed an issue that caused tagged players to not clear on Enemy death
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Mounts to not be visible on players
  • Fixed an issue that was causing mobs to struggle to switch targets when their target went out of range
  • Greatly reduced anti-teleportation sensitivity (no more flashing white for no reason)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed offline players to be targeted and attacked