A new version of BrawlQuest is now available to play, with the following changes.


  • You no longer need to hold down an attack key to attack in that direction (you stop attacking when moving UNLESS an attack key is being held)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Eagle mount to not be visible
  • Fixed an issue that was causing aggro lines to not be shown between enemies and the player they were targeting
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing players to walk over mobs


  • Fixed crafting not scrolling in irregular window sizes
  • Your inventory will no longer open when entering the crafting window
  • The crafting window now resets when closed

Content Changes

  • Reworked crafting: the chance element is removed and each recipe now only creates 1 item
  • Leather armour pieces now have their own unique recipes


  • Reworked the crafting system to ensure that you always get the item you have selected on the crafting menu