A new version of BrawlQuest is now available to play, with the following changes.


  • Massively improved UI performance (you should see frame rate increases of 100 - 200 FPS!)
  • Added a "Hold to Attack" option to settings
  • Added separate Inventory and Quests open on mouse over settings
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a crash for new installations
  • Scroll of Fire no longer damages resources nodes
  • Enemies can now have their own custom gore effects
  • Rocks no longer bleed
  • Spiders now bleed green
  • Fixed trasparency issues in several sprites
  • Fixed an issue that was causing multiple Old World Crystals to be dropped by the same mob to the same players each day
  • Updated the Old World Crystal's tooltip to mention that only 1 can be earned per mob per day
  • Fixed Iron Shield


  • Added new logo to starting screens
  • Added categories to crafting for easy navigation
  • Crafting will now scroll correctly at GUI scales other than 1x and 2x
  • Profile portraits now draw gear in the correct order
  • Damage floats now show a negative number for when an entity takes damage
  • Renamed DEF to STA in profile



  • New mount: Fishing Boat (allows you to move on Water)
  • New mount: Pirate Boat
  • New content: Squall's End Rivers (featuring Pirates, Serpents and new cosmetic armour)
  • New reagent: Blank Scroll (used to craft spells)
  • New spell: Scroll of Defence (provides +{INT} STA to all players within a 4 meter radius for 12 seconds
  • New spell: Recovery (recovers {STA} HP every second for 3 seconds)
  • New craftable Buddy: Minty. This is an exclusive item being given as a thank you for participating in the Closed Beta. It will no longer be available to earn after the Closed Beta has ended.


  • Reduced the max Level cap to 25 (previously 100)
  • Rebalanced spells: Spells now cost significantly less mana
  • You no longer passively gain health during combat
  • You now only gain 1 Mana p/s when in combat
  • You now gain 15 Mana p/s and 10 HP p/s when out of combat
  • All spells now require a Blank Scroll to be crafted
  • Scroll of Fire now requires 20x Essence of Corruption to be crafted
  • The Vial of Oasis Water now only gives +1 Mana. This is a temporary change until we add in a per-item cooldown system.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the server to require a restart after crafting recipes were updated