A new version of the beta is now live!


  • The game now autologs you in via Steam (please contact Pebsie to have your character transferred)
  • Fixed a bug that was causing other players to not move at the correct speed
  • Fixed an issue that was causing quests to not give XP
  • Optimised movement for better performance on higher refresh rate displays and lower end systems
  • You now glide smoothly on death to give a better idea as to your location



  • New Mount: Corrupted Steed
  • New Mount: Cloud of Frost
  • New Quests: Need For Steed, 2 Need 2 Steed, The Thing with the Permafrost, The Thing with Bartender Fred II, The Thing Itself
  • New Zone: The Permafrost (with new quests and enemies)
  • New Reagent: Essence of Frost (this will be used for raid attunement in an upcoming patch)
  • New Boss: Entity of Frost
  • New Pickaxe: Ice-Touched Pickaxe
  • New Mob spell: Spawn Nearby
  • New Mana Potion: Frosty Brew


  • Opened up the waterway between Pirate Cove and The Foglands
  • Increased the amount of Corrupted Steed that spawn around Carus' camp


  • You can now skip NPC dialogue by pressing space
  • You now need to hold M1 or M2 to add or remove character points (and can do multiple at a time)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the level requirement to not display properly when crafting an item
  • Fixed health float text size


  • Added a profanity filter to character name and chat messages
  • Added a character limit of 20 to names
  • Players can no longer earn the same item offering over and over again from an NPC (RIP Infinite Cabbage Glitch, 2021-2021)
  • Added the ability to add/remove multiple character points at once (feedback: Finn Panther)