A new update is now available for the Closed Beta, adding a variety of new features and inclusions. Among these is the addition of questing, our final "core" feature. There isn't much content yet for this feature and we'll be hoping to release an update on Tuesday that adds a considerable number more (along with new end game content).



- Added Questing (there are currently only 2 quests which serve as samples: both are acquirable by speaking to Bartender Fred. More will be coming very shortly!)


- You now gain half the character points for each level you gain (e.g 1 at level 2, 1 at level 3, 5 at level 10, 10 at level 20...)
- Horses now move at 3.4 m/s
- Eagles now move at 4 m/s (up from 3.4 m/s)
- Boats now move at 1.5 m/s (up from 1 m/s)
- Pirate Boats now move at 2 m/s (up from 1 m/s)
- Bartender Fred will now sell you Bear Meat when asked
- Updated the Blacksmith's dialogue to match the current crafting system



- Different mounts can now offer different speeds (the "Finn Panther" update ;))
- You now move 40% faster when walking on paths
- Other players with variable speeds now smooth movement correctly
- Items now have an associated level and you can't use items that are a higher level than your character
- Enemies that target you now have a Red outline
- Enemies that target you now draw a line between you and them once a second until they are no longer targetting you
- Added a "path" step sound effect
- We've done a "pass" on every item in the game and updated various values and level requirements


- Fixed an issue that was causing Buddies to not be visible on other players
- Fixed an issue that caused the Level drop floor to be 9 rather than 10
- Fixed a crash that was occurring at launch for new players
- Fixed a crash that would occur when loading enemy sound effects (this is more of an internal thing as it allows us to store other file types in the SFX folder)
- Fixed an issue that was causing Old World Crystals to not be dropped by any boss
- Character points now scale correctly when losing a level due to death
- You can no longer have negative character points: if you do then your stats will be reset to 1,1,1 on death
- Updated Tutorial text to match current gameplay
- Removed the "HOLD TO ATTACK" tutorial auto trigger
- NPCs will now remember what place they were with you in a conversation
- Blood now only spurts from the player when taking damage
- The amount of blood that spurts from players now reflects the amount of damage taken


- Overhauled the font sizes on UI panels for better readability
- Added a new popup for when the player levels up
- Added a Skull image next to enemies that are too powerful for you to fight alone
- Added a Red Glow to the screen when taking damage
- Added a flashing indicator to show you have available character points points
- Added an armour panel to easily see how armour is effecting the player (this opens when hovering over the character panel)
- Fixed crafting not scrolling properly on first launch
- Changed the text in the quests panel to be slightly larger
- Changed zone tile


- Converted Mounts to output Item objects
- Fixed an issue that was causing enemy TargetName to not be sent to the client correctly
- Fixed an issue that was preventing Old World Crystal drops to not be cleared.
- Bosses now reset everyday at 11pm (server time)
- Added an "Events" API to pave the way for better player feedback on in-game actions in the future
- We can now alter NPC conversation while the server is running
- If a player within 4m of you is a target then you are now counted as being in combat (this fixes an issue where boss fights were trivial when not solo'd)


- Temporarily disabled level loss on death
- All character stats have been reset to 1
- Temporarily disabled NPC quest & item giver indicators
- The infinite item bug isn't yet fixed