With the launch of BrawlQuest Early Access 1.2.0 we're adding in a whole new progression system: Enchanting. Here's a quick run down on how this works:

What does Enchantment have to offer?

With Enchantment you can give certain types of items stat bonuses. Note that you can only enchant an item ONCE. These work as follows:


Armour can get a +25 to INT, STR or STA. When starting enchantment you choose the stat you want to boost. You can mix and match or stack a stat to suit your playstyle!


Weapons get a +25 to their attack damage. This includes pickaxes.


An enchanted mount gains a +25m/s speed boost.

How does Enchantment work?

To enchant you must be Level 25. When enchantment occurs you rest to Level 1 and all quests and NPC conversations are reset. This means that certain items attainable only via questing - such as Bartender Fred II's Frost Brew Recipe - are now infinitely available provided you put in the work! You gain a permanent double XP buff, meaning that getting back to Level 25 on your character should take half the time.

You don't lose any of your items, although your stats will be reset to 1 and your armour and weapon will be unequipped.

What are the limits to this system?

There are none! We wanted to create a new, interesting way of gearing up that isn't reliant on the rate at which we can produce content and that allows you to make playstyle decisions without falling back on "mine this new ore type for a few hours".

In theory you could spend hundreds of hours enchanting every item in your inventory. The crucial thing is that you can focus on levelling rather than mining: enchanting is primarily combat and quest focused.

When does this feature land?

We'll be releasing Enchanting in BrawlQuest Early Access 1.2, scheduled for release early next week.