It's now been a month since BrawlQuest launched in Early Access!

In that time we've released 6 updates, averaging 1.5 patches a week. Each week we've endeavoured to add new mechanics and features to keep content fresh and bring balance changes to make sure that no single playstyle rises in the meta.

Let's take a look at the major features we've added this month.


Patch 1.2.1 saw the addition of player building. We'd always intended on adding this to the game but it wasn't until every player had a surplus of Stone in their inventories from mining Exotic Material that we realised we may aswell jump on the opportunity now!

Building is still in its early stages with only a few options for walls, floors and furniture and no way of destroying tiles once placed, but we're working on a whole set of tools and zone expansions to make leaving your mark on the world considerably more fulfilling and having gameplay incentives!

Look out for multi-user housing, chests, raiding and more coming in a future update!


Progression systems are important, and our current single track tier armour system needed some sprucing up. 1.2.0 saw the addition of Enchanting which allows you to "prestige" your character, resetting yourself to Level 1 and wipining the memory of all NPCs and active quests in exchange for a +30 stat buff on any piece of gear.

Mounts? 0.8m/s faster. Weapons? +30 Damage. Armour? Pick! +30 INT, STA or STR. This system added hundreds of hours to the game and added crucial decisions when creating a character build. As the level cap increases so too will the stat boost for each item.

Ranged Weapons

1.3.0 added an entirely new way to play with deeply satisfying ranged magic weapons. You can now spec into being a spell caster and send forth explosions at a distance!

Ranged weapons created a new pathway for characters who wanted to be more of a spell caster than a sword wielder and provided more uses for INT than just spamming spells to cheese bosses.

But that isn't all...

Here's every piece of new content we added this month, taken directly from our patchnotes:


- Raised the Level cap to 30
- New zone: Elodine's Gift
- New raid: Elodine's Cult (opens on April 1st!)
- Added INT-based ranged weapons (staffs for now, bows coming later!)
- Added 3 new weapons: Wizard's Walking Staff, Bandit's Staff & Guardian's Staff
- Items can now have associated attributes with increase specific stats separately from enchantments
- Added a "Forging" mechanic: you can now smelt ores at furnaces into bars for crafting


- Added player building via Walls, Floors & Furniture (newly crafteable)
- New barren zone: Foundation Forest
- New multi-part quest line: The Apprentice*
- Opened the Phoenix Rest passageway leading to 2 additional boss fights and a treasure room*
- New 5m/s mount: Fire Cloud


- Added Enchantment, allowing you to prestige your character and give any gear +25 to a stat
- Opened up the top of Phoenix Rest and added a double Eagle-boss fight, a treasure room and a new boss fight
- Added 3 chests around the map: these each give 1 Old World Crystal per day
- Added a small new area to the south of Squall's End for enchantment


- New Armour Tier
- New Weapon: Hero's Dagger
- Greatly improved the XP given by Spiders, Cave Spiders, Barbarians, Wolves, Gray Wolves, Bears and the Phoenix Boss
- Cave Spiders now have a 75% chance of dropping Vial of Poison (up from 35%)
- Added a new quest to the Farmer in Hunter's Farm
- Added more Exotic Material nodes to Shieldbreak Mine

Next month in BrawlQuest

We're pretty happy with the new additions and balance changes made to the game this month, and over April we'll be looking at enchancing these features and making sure that they stay fresh and fun. In addition to this we're preparing an early game overhaul, several new zones (including the elusive Riverbridge) and tons of new and more varied gear.

We're focusing on the following areas:

  • Combat responsiveness & feel
  • Uniqueness in character builds
  • Purposes for building
  • Skilling & Character Stats
  • Story scripting elements (including phasing)