Check out our roadmap for the development of BrawlQuest giving an insight to upcoming features and projected timeframes.

Q1 2021 - Early Access

We're hoping to have the first version of BrawlQuest playable towards the end of Q1, 2021. The game will feature Levels 1 - 10 and a host of end-game content including dungeons and raids.

We'll be providing 1 new update every single week and 1 large content expansion every month until we're ready to launch at 1.0. Check out some of the planned updates before full release below:

The PVP Update

Introducing the PVP arena where players can harness their combat skill and gear to rise up the leaderboards with a new way of earning season-exclusive gear.

The Guilds Update

Introducing Guilds: a new way for players to come together and share in the spoils of war! Through daily and weekly goals alongside a shared bank vault players can organise together for glory.

The Ranged Weapons Update

Introducing ranged weapons: want to keep your distance from the action and provide tactical support for your party whilst still contributing to DPS? The Ranged Weapons update introduces Bows and Staffs that allow you to do just that, alongside placeable traps for enemies to walk into.

The Secret Realm Update

Introducing private servers: pay a small monthly fee to play the entire game with just you and your friends! Get access to exclusive dev tools to carve out the world to your liking and create your own quests and stories.

Note that these planned updates are subject to change based on community feedback.

Q3 2021 - Full Release

With several months of bug fixing, content additions and feature additions we'll be set for full release. This update will bring with it bug changes and will be more symbolic than feature-packed.

From full release we'll continue to provide bug fixes and small content updates, before gearing up to our more regular content additions...

Q1 2022 - Expansion Pack 1

Explore the mystery of the Desert of Exile as you find yourself framed in the assassination of a high ranking member of royalty...

Our aims for each expansion is to raise the level cap and create bigger and better weapons and spells, as well as introduce a landmark new feature. The first planned feature is for procedurally generated dungeons.