Welcome back to our weekly update series! There have been many new and important additions to the game this week that form some of our final core mechanics.


Crafting is one of the most important progression systems in BrawlQuest as it's the basis for gearing up at the end game. We've created a unique system that takes input items that give you a list of potential outputs, and hitting the anvil with the hammer takes those items and creates one of the potential results with a degree of chance involved.

This is unlike any crafting system we've seen before and we're hoping that it'll feel rewarding and unique.


Using the Intelligence and Healing AOE spells at night

Spells allow you to buff players around you and damage your foes without needing to take any hits yourself. We're mainly focusing these on how they would play with larger groups and tougher enemies and so far have introduced 3 spells:

  • Scroll of Intelect that buffs nearby allies with +10 INT for 1 minute
  • Scroll of Healing which recovers INT HP per second for 3 seconds
  • Scroll of Fortune which increases LUCK by INT for 10 seconds

These spells all create an "aura" around the position they're used and are clearly distinguishable by glowing with particle effects and lighting. When standing in an aura you get a buff notifier at the top right of the screen that - when hovered over - reveals the spell name, effect, time left and caster.

UI Upgrades

As a retro-style game we're using a lot of fonts that should scale nicely when zoomed in, but we found that our existing mechanism for scaling would cause problems on higher DPI displays.

We dedicated an entire afternoon to rewriting this logic and ensuring that all text is readable regardless of UI scale level. Character names also have a nice rounded border now, too!


We received high quality versions of tracks created by Joseph Pearce and have implemented them into the game. These versions are louder, loop better and come with slight variations.

Announcing Closed Beta

We'll officially be launching in Closed Beta on January 29th! If you want to get a copy of the game for free and take part in the world 2 - 4 weeks before anyone else then sign up here and we'll be in touch soon.