This week we've been working hard on a brand new UI and helping speed the game up across the board. Take a dive into this week's new improvements.

A new UI

The biggest focus for this week has been vastly improving the game's user interface. Previously character stats and important information like health and mana were held in a tiny box at the top left of the screen and the inventory and quick select bar were held to the left of the screen.

The new UI emphasises important information and has a nice roll out animation when hovering over the window for accesing character stats, and the inventory rolls out from this panel from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen.

This new UI makes for a significantly nicer experience on larger and smaller monitors alike keeping elements consistent and not overlapping when the UI scale is changed significantly.


Buddies are non-combat pets that follow you around the overworld. They're a nice additional customisation option and add a new thing to collect.

We aren't sure how many there'll be at launch but they're exceedingly easy to add to the game so chances are we'll work up a whole bunch of ideas for them in the coming weeks.

Resource gathering

Next week we're going to be adding a deep crafting system to the game and the first step to achieving that system is to add crafteable nodes to the overworld.

There are currently 3 types of nodes: Rock, Metal Rock and Tree giving Stone, Metal and Wood respectively. They act as regular enemies that simply can't move or attack so your spells all help against them. Players can work together to bring their health bar down and all those who hit the node will receive loot.

Important to note is that all damage per player done to nodes is 1: having a +100 ATK weapon doesn't make you any stronger against these nodes than someone with the default +1 weapon. We'll be introducing the Pickaxe and Woodcutting Axe items that increase this speed later down the line and that increase the chances of finding rate items.


The entire world now loads in around 2 seconds rather than 20 - 40 seconds. This is a phenomenally huge performance improvement and will ensure that the game runs smoothly on low end systems.

Next week we'll be focusing on crafting and questing: two major systems that'll shift the way the game is played.