This week we've been focusing on tightening the levelling experience and have begun adding playable content to the starting areas.


The biggest feature addition this week are NPCs. They are entities in the overworld that display separately from enemies, players or world tiles and have a variety of functions.


We've developed a system for scripting NPC conversations. These conversations influence reputation with factions and are how you buy items and embark on quests!

Watch your tongue, though: being rude or saying the wrong thing can land your character in deep trouble with the NPC's associated faction.

This system adds a lot of depth to questing and allows us to tell the game's story in a way that was previously impossible.


We want BrawlQuest to feel like a real world and to that end we've made it so that NPCs can follow daily routines.

The Priest will walk the streets at 5pm, retreat to his study at 6PM and sleep by the fire in his living quarters at 11pm. The Farmer heads into town at 6am and spends the rest of the day toiling the field until 7pm where he heads back into his home.

NPCs will be in different locations depending on where you login making them feel less like random utilities there to serve your questing needs and more like real, living entities.

XP and Levelling

Your character now correctly gains XP in-game and once hitting 100% XP your level increases. As your level increases you gain character points and these can be spent on 1 of 3 stats:

Strength which increases your base damage output.

Intelligence which increases the effectiveness of spells.

Stamina which grants you 15 additional HP for each point.

Hunter's Forest

Fine in the daylight but a daunting task at night

This week's zone expansion is Hunter's Forest: the first location that players will visit when venturing out of Squall's End. There are Spiders, Wolves, Bears and Bandits to face off against but rare minerals to be harvested within the caves.

Drilling in the UI

The rest of our focus has been set on improving UI elements. The inventory system is now a lot tighter and chat is more reliable and readable.

We're working on the designs for a character UI overhaul to be imlemented next week that'll make character stats a lot more easily visible.