Welcome to the first in a series of weekly updates showing off what we've been working on in BrawlQuest. Each week there are many smaller changes that are too vast to cover, so we'll focus on the major additions and changes here.

Chat and Settings

Chat in Low DPI mode on OSX

The chat UI is now synced up with the server allowing users to talk in real-time. Chat is Global right now but there is support for unlimited custom channels allowing us to split between local chat, party chat, guild chat etc in the future.

In addition to the newly functioning chat we now have the Settings menu which will allow you to adjust music and sound effects volume as well as switch between low and high DPI mode.

The game will run on very old hardware on highest render quality but lowest render quality allows you to save power and prevent throttling on integrated graphics cards. In testing we've found that MacBooks are impacted the highest with this switch with Turbo Boost turning on on Highest render quality and not turning on on Lowest render quality.

Day and Night

We want to make sure that BrawlQuest feels like a real world that moves even when you're offline. For that reason we've been working to make sure that the day and night cycle syncs up to a real-time schedule and that in-game lighting reflects that.

We've made it so that the world now grows darker as your local time goes on and in the future will make this bound to the server location allowing us to have different enemies spawn at night and NPC behaviour change as the day goes on.

This creates a stronger sense of the atmosphere that we're aiming for in the world.

Making water pop

The edge of Squall's End where your adventure begins

With the addition of fancy 3d-effect walls we realised that adding a percetible sense of depth makes things pop and gives a clearer indication of what is and isn't a wall.

A similar system has been applied to all water in the game ensuring that edges of land are clearly distinct from their surroundings.

Squall's End

Anyone fancy a pint?

Finally this week saw the creation of the starting / tutorial town "Squall's End". It's here that your adventure begins and we've planned out several starting quests that bring you up to speed with the world and game's mechanics.

This was really a test of everything we've built so far and we think that it's a wonderful looking area that ties nicely into our expansive lore.

Next week

Next week we'll be focusing on enhancing the game's atmosphere with custom footstep sounds, placenames and music. We'll also be finalising the levelling system and ensuring that player stats impact combat.