Hello everyone! We hope that you're enjoying BrawlQuest's Closed Beta. We're introducing a change to our death penalty system to ensure that the game feels rewarding and to create an additional edge when it comes to tough combat situations.

Previously when dying you were teleported to the nearest Graveyard with no other penalties: fights would be reset if the enemy that took you out had no other targets and you were able to pick yourself up and head back into the fight.

This works fine but it means that death is a minor inconvenience rather than having any sort of weight. While that's gelled with our design philosophy up to this point we feel that adding stakes to combat is important and will keep things feeling fresh.

From 1.0.3 onwards, you will now lose 10% of your levels on death.

What does this mean for low levels?

Anything below Level 10 is unchanged. We round down the impact, so a 10% reduction at Level 9 is a change of 0. As a new player you can continue to hit tough situations with no fear as you get to grips with combat and build up your repertoire of spells and abilities.

What does this mean for higher levels?

Our original intention was to cap off levels at 10 and gradually increase them with each new content update. This would've worked fine but would mean that we'd have to enforce caps on the XP and loot given by gameplay. Throughout the Beta this has proven to be rather unsatisfying with many players signing off until the Level Cap would raise once again.

With this update we're able to increase the Level Cap to 100. A phenomenally high number that we most likely won't need to alter for a very long time. Even at the end-game you'll still be levelling up, and players that hit the Level Cap will no doubt be seen as Legends across the server, with their deaths feeling like server-wide events.

This offers opportunities for emergent gameplay not previously possible within our original design.

Is this change final?

Absolutely not. This is an experiment, and the Beta is the only time we'll ever be able to try something like this.

We'd really appreciate your feedback on this system, so we've created a dedicated thread on the Steam Community forums for discussing it.

Please head here to give us feedback on this change.